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We can offer you all these typologies of video animation projects.

Cover letter of an organisation to broadcasting a the services, the experience of the institution, its mission, vision, show its facilities and the concept of the institution.

Corporate Identity Videos are intended to promote a service, product, event or technology to position it in the market. Today it is very simple to spread it through your own website or other channels such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter among the most prominent.

Digital backlight MUPI a technological element that forms part of urban furniture, and which acts as a support or advertising format by means of a digital screen. The term “mupi” is the acronym, of French origin, of “Urban Furniture For Information”.

The Bumper Ads, also known as “snack video”, are advertising videos that allow to condense information and content thanks to their short duration. The appearance of Bumper Ads has given companies a competitive advantage by allowing them to launch more direct and attractive messages.

Animation makes it easier to tell a story or illustrate your message more effectively and in less time. It improves the performance of the content and helps to attract a wider audience to your social networking pages. The audience consumes information more easily with this simple format.

The initial titles of a film can be used to generate a short story that talks about the film. An interesting moment in a film that can tell the viewer what he or she will find in the film itself.

This service offers the presentation of a brand identity or branding project, that reflects the spirit of a brand with a strong link between design and animation.

Sometimes the first impact is what counts. To create video presentations that are interesting, we can make use of animation of elements that represent the main ideas of a project. To do this, the motion design helps to explain the ideas in an effective and simple way.

Audiovisual material to promote a brand, service or product Although video marketing is not an exclusive strategy of online marketing, it has grown considerably thanks to the Internet and social networks.

User experience (UX) and User interface (UI) of mobile apps are important. Therefore, the micro animations for the apps can provide the differential value of the digital product and make it more understandable and visual.

Promote your product or service, explaining what it is, benefits, features or promotions to convert prospects into customers. They must be descriptive, dynamic and concise to achieve the attention of potential customers.

The motion graphics can be used as a different narrative for the creation of an advertising spot. More and more, we see on TV, animations that promote, as well as the shooting spots, a product or service.

In Digital Marketing, the results are immediate: the interaction with the audience and the possibility of measuring the impact make Digital Campaigns an essential tool for a company to carry out its project in the most efficient way.

An alternative for the presentation of the annual corporate balance sheet, can be the creation of a video animation showing the results data, computer graphics, big data, users, objectives, challenges, business strategies, etc.

The animation allows to extend the visual information. From an infographic you can add layers of information to explain in detail the services of a company.

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