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We create animated videos

Modik is a creative studio focused on Art Direction, Animation and Motion Design.
We create animation videos with character and visual strength to innovate in projects communication.

Naturgy Xmas 2020

Animated corporate video

We created the corporate animation video for the Naturgy Christmas campaign. An animated video spot made with the traditional animation technique, also known as frame by frame animation or CEL animation. Applying the corporate manual to the illustrations, we produce a personalized animation with an important brand image.

DOCa Rioja

Advertising animation

We made the advertising animated video for the #TeMerecesUnRioja campaign. This animation video was created by applying the 2d animation technique in addition to 3d animation to create a different storytelling within the label of the Rioja wine bottle. The animated project had the collaboration of several renowned illustrators.


Creative 3d animation

Production of 3d animation video for iClip product promotion. By 3d modelling the product and applying a brand art direction, we managed to create a 3d animated video spot, showing the product in the most attractive way. The goal was to get a custom motion graphics project.


Promotional motion graphics

We created promotional video animations for Wolf + Wald natural soft drinks. We used Simon Marchner's illustrations, made exclusively for packaging design, to animate every element of the original design of the cans. The animated project consists of 3 animated video clips inspired by the ingredients of the organic drinks W+W.


Video scientific animations

We created the scientific animated video series for ICMAT, with the aim of spreading mathematics. The Institute of Mathematical Sciences commissioned us with didactic and entertaining 2d animations to reach a young audience and make known the contributions to science of mathematicians Henri Poincaré, Emmy Noether, Leonhard Euler and Ada Lovelace.

Jewelers SUAREZ

Animations for social networks

We made the video animations of Instagram for the promotion of jewels of the brand SUAREZ Jewelers. The digital animations were devised under the creative direction of the film Romeo and Juliet. Each animated clip showed the essence of the jewellery collection in the collection, inspired by the most iconic elements of the famous film.

Owen Davey

Publishing video animation

We created publishing video animations for the promotion of Owen Davey’s illustrated book from Flying Eye Books. Thanks to the collaboration with Folio Art Agency, we were able to apply 2d animation to the illustrations of the book. The aim was to create an animated spot of the publication illustrated with character and respecting the original design of the illustrator.

Harper’s Bazaar

Web animations

We did the web video animations for Harper’s Bazaar with illustrations by Ana Santos. The idea was to create short web animations to illustrate the article on Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel published on the Harper’s Bazaar website. We apply the technique of "frame by frame" in a customized and appropriate way to the work of the illustrator.