ELLE – Philips

  • Ana Santos
  • Jorge Tortosa
  • Clap Music

Elle - Philips Lumea

ELLE highlighted Philips Lumea on its website with an article and four microanimations under the title "4 keys to treating you as your best friend". With video animation, we elevate the visual presentation of your ideas with a professional and effective approach. Interested in enhancing your concepts with us?"

Elle - Philips Lumea

We developed the animations with the "frame by frame" technique, using the beautiful illustrations by Ana Santos. She applied the watercolor technique on paper, taking it later to the digital sphere. These illustrations visually support the representation of the female figure in the four quotes of Mª Ángeles Aragoneses.


Video Grabielle Coco Chanel

Elle - Philips Lumea

We invite you to see the micro-animations in use within the interesting article by Mª Ángeles Aragoneses. All of them optimized in GIF format.