Modik Augmented Reality

Modik AR is a company that produces Augmented Reality experiencesspecifically on consumer product packaging sold in stores and supermarkets.Modik AR brings innovation value to the packaging industry.

Modik AR currently offers 2 customer solutions:The creation and development of an App witha catalogue of AR experiences of each customerproduct accompanied by the delivery of an AR web platform.

Modik AR’s augmented reality experiences are created through specific platforms for the creation ofvideo games and interactivity with the user. Thanks to this technology, Modik AR can use elements such as video, 2D animations, 3D object creation, 3D animations and button interaction. In this way the user perceives the physical product in a more innovative way with more interaction.

* Modik totem box with Augmented Reality experiences on each side

* Real examples of Augmented Reality implemented in the market

What is AR?

  • Add digital information about physical objects.
  • Bring technological and innovative value to businesses.
  • Improve and link the user experience with the brand.
  • Get metrics from the AR experience.

What do we offer?

  • We analyze your product and see what the RA can contribute.
  • We created a turnkey Augmented Reality App.
  • We created a WebAR web with AR for marketing actions.
  • We analyze the metrics that users provide.

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Sergio Losada


Pilar Guerrero

Equipo Modik AR

We are a team specialized in generating digital content and developing experiences of Augmented Reality. If your company is interested in innovating its product through digitalization and the generation of new experiences that bring technological value, do not hesitate to contact us.